South Austin Launches Baseball Academy

UpdatedWednesday December 18, 2019 byRoger Hirsch.

South Austin Baseball is happy to announce that we are partnering with Momentum Baseball to create the South Austin Baseball Academy Program! Momentum Baseball is headed by Coach Alex Dugas.  Coach Alex has been a partner with South Austin for over 5 years.  He has helped with our tryouts and city teams along with coaching several of our South Austin Alumni throughout the last several seasons.

South Austin Academy’s number one goal is to provide a positive experience for our players, coaches and families on and off the field. Baseball provides such a great learning experience and should be available to all players at all levels of play. South Austin Baseball has always provided a place for all players that want to play baseball in a safe and positive environment.

For the Fall, this program will be open to players 9 and older (Minors-Kid Pitch) and above.  If you are interested for your younger players, please let us know.


Weekly Professionally Run Practice

Wednesday evening practice at Wright Field for the duration of the season.

Coaches training and Full-Time Support:

Coaching instruction includes access to practice models, drills, fundamental training education, pedagogical and training plans.

Momentum Mentorship Program

Mentors from our high school team to help with practices, demonstrations, guidance, and creating a bond through the game for (all) players to cherish moving forward.

Monthly Specialty Skill Session

Players, Parents, and Coaches

Monthly Progress Meeting

Parents & coaches to review progress, goals, look for feedback, Q & A, and updates about our training process

Momentum "Head2Toe" Training:

For Parents/Coaches: research on youth sports, education on how to enhance the experience.

For Players: resources and material to learn the mental game, preparation for every player to begin learning how to handle adversity within sports/life, goal setting, and much more.

Free access to all-weather weekly "Home Plate" Indoor Training and Instruction Session

Preseason Equipment Assessment:


  • Bat Size/weight 
  • Glove type/size
  • Myths vs. realities of “Keeping up with the Joneses” and what tools your kid really needs to get the kind of baseball experience YOU want.
  • How to care for your equipment and make it last
  • How to wear your SALL uniform!

Free Consultation:

Before each season to try out equipment sizes, weights, etc. with a coach who has NO financial interest in selling the product 

50% off private lessons from a professional instructor specializing in your age group

  • Age 7-9   $25/30 min
  • Age 10+ $30/30 min or $55/hour
  • Group training (4 students, $30 each for 90 min)

South Austin Baseball is going to subsidize $25 of the first seasons cost.  Your cost for the Fall will only be $100.