Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Sunday February 26, 2017 by Roger Hirsch.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Time Commitment:

T-Ball (4-6 yrs old):                 Typically 1 game and 1 practice per week

Coach Pitch (6-8 yrs old):      Typically 2 games and 1 practice per week

Minors/Kid Pitch (8-10 yrs old):      Typically 2 games and up to 2 practices per week

Majors (11-12 yrs old):      Typically 2 games and up to 2 practices per week

League Age Chart to determine League Age

Important: Due to the time commitment necessary for ages 10 and up, it is strongly recommended that any player wishing to participate at these levels not be involved in any another sport that schedules its practices and/or games during the same time as the baseball season. Teams at these levels are formed with the assumption that all players will be reasonably free of scheduling conflicts, and to avoid adversely affecting the team, will be able to devote the necessary time to weekly practices and games. 


Only players league age 9 and above will tryout. 


As a rule, South Austin Baseball provides required headgear (batting helmets, catcher headgear), protective catcher equipment, baseballs, caps and shirts. Players provide the following:

Gloves, Bats and Cleats

Gloves: For younger players, try to find the largest glove the child can close and open. It helps if gloves are a little bit floppy for the younger players. Gloves that appear proportionate to the player are almost never large enough. Remember, the ball is regulation in size. This is hard to catch with a small glove.

Bats: For players under 12, bats MUST be approved for Little League play. Note that some Composite bats are not allowed in Little League.  Refer to the Little League Web Site for a full list of approved bats.  Seek the help of a local merchant in sizing a bat. You should never buy a bat without sizing it for your player. Bats with a barrel larger than 2 1/4" may not be used. Bats manufactured specifically for T-ball play may not be used a league outside of Coach Pitch or above.

**Male players are advised to wear protective cups at all levels of play.**


Placement Requests: How to Play with Friends or for a Coach

For players in T-Ball and Coach Pitch we allow parents to request friends or coaches during registration.  Use the ‘Comments’ field in the registration form for this.  We cannot guarantee placement, but we will use this information when forming teams.


Can I donate to the league?

You bet! We depend upon sponsorships, donations and fund raising in order to keep our registration fees low. You have the option during the on-line registration process to donate to South Austin or you can also send an email to the league and someone will get in touch with you.


How can I become a sponsor?

We have plenty of sponsorship opportunities available. Visit the Become A Sponsor page to learn more. 


Can I get a scholarship for my child to play?

We understand that some families may need some help.  We are happy to discuss scholarships on a case by case basis. Please send an email to the league and someone will get in touch with you.


How can I volunteer to help?

Become A Volunteer